DSC_1607Groot Beer is a true root beer. Whole wildcrafted botanicals including sarsparilla root, licorice root, burdock root, ginger root, and chicory root are decocted with sacred bittering herbs and spices to extract flavor and healthful compounds to produce an aromatic, earthy, and herbal botanical soda lightly sweetened with pure honey. Beverages made from the anatomy of medicinal trees and plants have a long tradition with the native peoples of the Americas and Northern Europe for their nutritive and restorative properties. All of the roots in this recipe has been used for centuries as natural liver and circulatory tonics.

Ebulon is a fruity, tangy, and spicy botanical soda with the complementary flavors of elderberry, hibiscus, rose hip, pink peppercorn, ginger root, and pure wildflower honey.  The name is a nod to an historic elderberry cordial known to promote “ebullience.” The recipe is naturally rich with Vitamin C and antioxidants and borrows inspiration from botanical winemaking, the Caribbean flavor palette, and Colonial era drinking vinegars called shrubs.